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Our Culture

It’s a beautiful thing to feel like you really belong. We are here to help you get connected to Jesus and to the church and to fulfill your God-given purpose. Whether you are a new believer, a long-time believer, or not a believer at all, you’ll find this to be a safe place where you can connect with God and others at your own pace.


Greater Life is an ethnically and culturally diverse group of people.  Approximately 35% of the people at most of our gatherings were born outside of the United States. We believe one of the characteristics of a healthy church is that the people care for one another beyond a simple handshake on Sundays. Greater Life has become a place where you can quickly begin to build meaningful friendships.  No matter where you are from or what your experience has been, at Greater Life you’ll meet an openhearted group of people ready to love you. We believe in doing life together. 

In order to facilitate connections outside of the worship opportunities, we have designed our cafe to be a place where free food is served every Sunday and friendships are formed. If you are visiting, please make sure you plan to stop by the cafe after our weekend services to meet others and learn more about us. 


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