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Greater Life Church is located in San Mateo, right on the San Francisco Bay. San Mateo is located 8 miles from San Francisco International Airport, on the San Francisco Peninsula. The San Francisco Bay Area has a population of over 7.5 million. Due to the urban density and development of the San Mateo area, finding a building to lease for a church can seem like a nearly impossible task. Churches are mostly regulated to only be able to use existing public meeting facilities. Additionally, the San Francisco metro area is also one of the most expensive real estate markets in the United States. 

Our founding pastors moved to San Mateo with only their family of three. The church began from one simple Bible study. The church began from one simple Bible study. Eventually they were able to move the growing gathering from their apartment to a small meeting room in an office complex. Next, the church moved to a much larger two-story space on the same city block. Despite numerous obstacles, God has raised up a powerful and growing church in this mission field.
Greater Life Church is the only English-speaking church of our sort in San Mateo County (population approx 770,000). Currently, there is only one day per week when there isn't a worship or discipleship gathering of some sort in the San Mateo area!      
In 2023, we found ourselves in the position of needing a new building due to space contraints of our existing meeting facility. We closed on a new property in late August of 2023. We are currently raising funds for the required building repair and refresh work. 
Are you willing to partner with us in this historic moment for the apostolic movement in this mission field? 
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